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   What We Propose...

what we offer

- Ambient music welcome drink.

- Signage with a key moment music and the bride and groom's choice at the entrance to the room along with a dynamic.

- Background music throughout the indoor meal.

- Some jokes and messages to the bride and groom in the exchange of dishes.

- StandUp at a time when changing plates. (theme "MARRIAGE")

- Opening of the dance with music of choice or created by us a MIX with several songs studied for a choreography.

- Dj in various styles, drowning out all the styles you least like and highlighting your favorites.

- Choreographer/Clue animator for different well-known dance moments and games.

- Games and Games at various times during the afternoon and evening.

- Photo reporter of all the animation. (OFFER IN DIGITAL FORMAT The work is not professional and does not invalidate a work done by the photographic team.)

- Accompaniment with sound and music of your choice when cutting the cake.

- Video projection

Equipment involved

l Outdoor sound welcome drink.

l Indoor sound.

l Outdoor sound for cake cutting.

l Lighted DJ booth.

l Led light show.

l Leisure.

l Smoke Machine.

l Beacon truss structure.

l LED Cloth.

l Giant screen and Projection screen.


Teams made up of 2 elements that, due to their experience, both technical and public relations, guarantee you a very high level of entertainment service.

    Djs / Entertainer

Dance moments in well-known choreographies and dancefloor dynamics so the party never stops.

Track Animators / Choreographers


Additional Services

comic character

A character that will surely bring a memorable moment to your event.

In an animation that at the beginning catches everyone off guard without knowing if it's an employee or if it's a character always provokes a lot of laughs.

Saxophone | accordion

Have a reception at the church and at the different farm full of glamor in saxophone and accordion.

LED balloons

Balloon release with or without LED's the solution that can give a different touch to the church exit or the cake cutting.

Facial painting

Time for children to be the characters they like the most.



Moments of magic between births that delight both adults and children...




Give yourself a little luxury and glamor and surprise your guests with a different transport.


Sem nome.png
Photo Booth booth

A differentiating element in your event where all guests can take a different souvenir.

Unlimited photo printing.

5 Custom Plates.


4 hours


The children's delight, with the assistance of a monitor, leaving parents more comfortable and relaxed.

LED dance floor

Add a touch of glamor to your dance floor with an LED floor.


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